Making a spectacle

Earlier this sun-drenched week, LK & AY sipped coffee n’ tea with ace critic Gary Smith (Hamilton Spectator) to chat about Passages, arts in Hamilton and LK’s trajectory.

Read the complete article here.

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Passages Trailer

The Looking Sea Collective escaped the holiday hustle and bustle with four days of intensive rehearsal in Hamilton. It was a time for revisiting and reshaping the material we created at Harbourfront, a time for eating sandwiches, creating movement maps and for experiencing the joys of composition using Viewpoints. During this time we were also able to spend a day at the Lyric Theatre; where Passages will be performed March 29, 30, 31 2012. Being at the Lyric filled us with excitement about the creative road ahead and inspired to create this trailer to share a bit more about our project.

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Listen to our evidence

Evidance Radio

It was early March 2011 when Laura & Arthur stepped out to a seasonally, yet unexpected, chilly Sunday morning for a live radio interview. They quickly warmed up, however, to Ted Fox & Kerry Segal, the good folks at the great weekly dance show, Evi-dance.

Click here to listen to them speaking about Passages‘ teabags & sundry inspirations (interview begins at 3:00)

Oh my, how the piece has changed since then & will continue to do so as we re-tool it for March 2012.

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LSC as mochi

There is only one recipe – to care a great deal for the cookery. — Henry James

PASSAGES found its beginnings during our residency at Harbourfront Toronto.  Each of us arrived clutching our own bag (1 plastic grocery bag, 1 cotton tote, 1 leather purse, 1 nylon backpack) filled with eager ingredients.  Sort, soak, strain, slice, sift, stir, steep. . .
Now we are in the course of preparing for our upcoming performance of Passages (March 2012, more details coming soon!).  We are three glutinous rice balls trying to re-envision ourselves.  While refining recipes, how to know when to permute and when to preserve?
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HATCH: Day Four

Wet and dreary day, tired yet luminous on the inside. Coffee liberally applied. Problem solving morning that brought new connectivity to the work. Supermarket lunch and long conversations about what comes next. Tone maps. Lights, lights and more lights; runs notes and more runs. “Ok guys, party’s over….”, Realizing that sometimes many cooks can make a fine meal and that chips go well with end of day video viewings. Day 5….bring it on!

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HATCH: Day Three

Early Morning, less springy than the first two. Hot pack, lots of stretches, coffee, repeat. Trouble shooting troubles while records turn. The doors go up,  the doors come down. Refining and defining the in-between under the watchful eyes of Bentley. Surprise connections which are exactly what’s needed. The smell of children in wet snowsuits and sandwiches.  Full Brains, tired bodies, many ideas intertwining and unwinding throughout another long day.

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HATCH: Day Two

Hatch Day 2

Woke up before the alarm went off. Nasty surprise. No hot water! Cold water goes up nostrils. Stings like sand being rubbed on internal organs.

But Day 2 is so beautifully young. And all gets corrected once inside Harbourfront Studio Theatre’s lush, red interior. We wipe our faces across dirty door panes. Exercise ourselves in erotic lawnmowing positions. Make sonorous conversation. And sample it. Then celebrate with cornchips. Aaaah, HATCH. We love you.

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