“Loss” In Progress

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Flight of the Talkbox Octopus

Talkbox Octopus

From the embers of collaborator Patrick Svilansfirst attempt at a talkbox, come three exquisite Talkbox Octopus prototypes ready for lift-off.

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Talk the talk

talk box prototype 1

What in the world does this Talk Box prototype have to do with loss and its aftermath? We’re purposefully withholding the information. See, LK, LLC & AY are developing new work this summer in various spaces. With mighty talk box in hand. Stay tuned.

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At the Lyric – Day 3

Person of Interest: Gord Simmons has been helping us get Passages redux ready this week. While flexing his technical prowess (and fancy buckle!) from a hidden ladder or the rafters, this bike enthusiast can often be heard slipping into a little sotto voce. Does this remind you of anyone?

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Sometimes things are more complicated than they seem. Off we go to get more aircraft cable, doo-dads & crimper. To make Crimpettes for our doors of course.

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At the Lyric – Day 1

Person of interest: Will Kappel. While loading in to the Lyric Theatre this morning, this fine young gentleman quickly became known to team Looking Sea as transportation expert, man with an array of useful tools & skills, and an all-round fantastic production assistant. The world needs more Will Kappel.

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Sweet times

Before moving into the Lyric theatre, we set up at a cozy space at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts to re-jig Passages. It’s the same piece, but different! We learned about where the sun doesn’t shine, then we pointed a film projector there. Things change too. So take look at us now with our arms wide open and heads full of . . . glucose.

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